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Heat gun BOSCH Universal Heat 600

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Heat gun BOSCH Universal Heat 600
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Heat gun BOSCH Universal Heat 600

Multipurpose heat gun allows for use on many applications

  • Three temperature settings and a removable heat shield for versatility
  • Heating element provides fast heat-up time and even heat distribution
  • On-off switch with three steps for selecting temperature and airflow options
  • Back of gun has a slip-resistant rubberised surface for standing
  • Variety of task-specific nozzles are perfectly designed for each application

UniversalHeat 600 offers temperature settings to meet different material requirements

This heat gun has the versatility needed for many applications. The removable heat shield allows for adaptability for work in narrow spaces. The UniversalHeat 600 heating element provides a fast heat-up time and even heat distribution for excellent performance. Additionally, the three-step on-off switch offers different temperature and airflow options. The heat gun can tackle many tasks with a variety of nozzles, such as removing paint, thawing water pipes, killing weeds, drying filler, shrinking cables, and for creative projects.

Technical specifications

  • Power input - 1.800 W
  • Temperature - 50 / 300 / 600 °C
  • Airflow - 200 / 350 / 500 l/min
  • Tool dimensions (L x W x H) - 244 x 86 x 204 mm
  • Weight - 0,53 kg

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Heat gun BOSCH Universal Heat 600

Heat gun BOSCH Universal Heat 600

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Heat gun BOSCH Universal Heat 600
Heat gun BOSCH Universal Heat 600

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